Andaz-E-Biyan Se Zahir Hai Tere Dil Ka Khaloos,
Tu lakh chupa hal-e-dil,
Teri Tehreer Ka Her Lafz Teri Mohbt Ka Pata Deta Hai.

\ \_/A£€ÑT¡Ñ€ \___/ Is A"£ØV€£¥"DA¥ 4 All "£ØV€RS" & I Think It's Also U! Bcoz U r My Swet "VA£€ÑT¡Ñ€" "HAPP¥ VA£€ÑT¡Ñ€'S DA¥"

\/ /\ O O Good friends r like a pair of SCISSORS Joined 2gether Often go in opposite directions But They cut those who come b/w them. Good Morning.

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Howard who?
Howard you like a great big kiss?

I miss u when something really gud happens, coz u’re the one I want to share it with. I miss u when something is troubling me, coz u’re the only one who understands me. I miss u when I laugh and cry, coz I know that u’re the one who makes my laughter grow & my tears dissapear.