Thanks for this article. Id also like to express that
it can often be hard if you are in school and simply
starting out to initiate a long credit standing. There
are many students who are just trying to endure and
have an extended or favourable credit history are often
a difficult matter to have.

The honest man has not betrayed you, but you consider the betrayer as the honest one.

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Ache rishtay or zindagi k hamsafer jab b naraz hon

Unhain mana lena chahiye
Q k Tasbi jab bhi totti hai

to us k dane chun liye jate hain.

suche rishte ki,,,,
ek dusra ki,,
galtiyo ko,,,
bardast karne me,,,,...

Q ki bina kamiyon ka,,,,
insaan dhund ne,,
niklo ge to.....

Zindagi bhar akala hi,,,,
rah jaoge..!!