Dont try 2 have friend who achieve great heights Try to have friend who can hold when u fall frm d greatest height A loyal friend is bettr than a royal friend.

Youre probably doing better financially than you have for a long time, but you still might not have reached some of the monetary goals youd set. This could be on your mind today. If you arent careful, you could work yourself into a frenzy. It might be more productive to calmly find a way to progress more quickly. You can do it

dosti hoti ha dil-e-raz batana ka lia
hmm apni hasti mitada aap ko hasana ka lia
milna ki to fursat nahi hama
sms karta ha apni yad dilna ka lia

"Why You are so Sweet"
Why You are so Intelligent"
"Why You are so Innocent"
Why You are so Lucky
Ab Humse DOSTI ki hai
Itna Faida to hoga na:)Friendshp sms.

Do u know what is Differance Between Ur Smile n my Smile, U Smile when U R Happy, & I Smile when I see U H A P P Y.