Difficult or boring papers sy students tang aa gay hain

Akhir kab tak ho ga ye zulm
Ab humain aisy papers chahien

Total marks50
Choose the best
1Tery mast mast_____ nain
2______badnaam hoi darling tery ley

3Maa ka laadla ______gaya
4Aj_____jorra pa
Saadi farmaish ty


New pattern Farwad to all teachers

Want To Be 1st In Your Class..??

Here Are Some TIPS :

> Wake Up Everyday At 5 Am.... :O
> Drink Tea Or Coffe....:O
> Go To Your Class At 6 Am.... :O


Nobody Will Be There In Your Class..!! ;)

So, You Are 1st In Class..!! :P

Think Different !!

Ye Exams K Rishtay B Ajeeb Hotay Hain
Sab Apnay Apnay Naseeb Hote Hain
Rehtay Hain Jo Nigaho Say Door
Sala Wohi Question Compulsory Hote Hain

Boys try their best to pass the exams.

But most of the time their efforts ruined

Because of girls.

Girls work hard to spoil the boys

So they can not pass even this year.

What Is The Height Of Honesty?

Sitting In Examination Hall
Opening The Chit
Memorizing The Answer
And Writing It Without Seeing…