O b kiya waqt ta k o mery 7 ho k b ni raha
Ay dost
Jab k hum un se door ho k b unky kareeb rahy..


Hope that all is well there and smile, everything is going very good here as well.

Kabhi W0 Din Thay Tera Ik Paal Na Guzarta Tha
Mere Bin,,

Ay Dost

Aj Wo Din Hein Tujy Ik Pal NhI
MIlta Mere Liye.??

Agr Koi Apky DiL py Dastak Dy To Foran Darwaza Nai Kholna chahye,

ku Ky Kuch Logon Ki Aadat Bachon Jesi Hoti Hai,

Dastak Dy Ky Bhag Jate Hain.

you are near but why away,,
make it sure,we are astray,,

your love for me no need it all,,
that time has gone when i was fall,

never imagine distance earth to sky,,
i live in space because pushed me fly,,

mostly peoples goes deep in relation,,
for you we taken mostly depression ,,

never leave i still have wait,,
lets restart the life be cooperate,,