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My Name is Tanvir and I am the admin of this website , the basic purpose of this website is to give my visitor a huge amount of choice to select the sms message they want to send to their love one. For this purpose more then 20,000 message has been collected so far and available for you for free with the promise more are coming every day.
You know this can not be done without the help of others, and I am very thankful to those who help me in gathering these sms they are many so can't take their names one by one but specially Wasim,Naveed and Asad saeed who help me alto to build this website.
I request all the visitors to feel free to send me good sms on my mobile number or submit their sms using this link Submit Here.
Those who want to send me sms on mobile please send me sms on 03339958308 , you can also email me on tanshahg@gmail.com I will try to send sms back to mobile numbers where I receive and I will send as many as I can thanks for visiting our website and Have Fun!

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