P ... Perfect ♥
A ... Aimbitious ♥
K .... KOol ♥
I ... Islamic ♥
S ... Super ♥
T ... Talented ♥
A ... Able ♥
N ... Nation ♥


The older I get the less I care about materialistic things and I'm so glad my brain figured this out when it did. the universe did me right

do not allow your loneliness to lower your standards

Happy burday Pakistannn ♡♡
69 saal ki ho gayi ho
Plzz ab sudhar jao

99% of the business cards go straight to the bin.Nobody reads them.

Someone: what's your favorite movie?

Me: *forgets every movie I've ever seen*

کامیاب ازدواجی زندگی کے لیے تین جملے آنے چاہیں
Yes Dear
I'm sorry
It's my fault