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It was an impossible dream,
I knew that from the start.
But you were so persuasive that,
My mind found it hard to fight my heart.

Your words were so charming,
Your spirit was so free.
You made me think that,
maybe this was meant to be.

You made me feel so special,
By paying me all that attention.
Showering me with hugs and kisses,
and endless affection.

I was always true to you,
I loved you with all my heart.
You were on mind all the time,
Weather we were together or apart.

I thought you were honest,
Someone I could trust.
But all you wanted was to,
Fulfill your desires of lust.

You kept asking me if i knew,
what love was and how it felt.
But it was you that needed to,
LEARN how loved ones have to be dealt.

I found it hard to trust people but,
Still i gave you every chance.
Even though you had cheated on me,
Without giving me a second glance.

People around us may never have,
Accepted us being together.
Coz we didnt share the same race,
But you always knew that difference would remain forever.

I know its been a long time now,
Days, months and years have past.
But the pain of my broken heart,
Has still got a long time to last.

I have forgiven you its true,
But i still think about you.
And i wish i still have a special,
place in your heart too.


My beloved friend
Whom I always prefer because
of the comfort that I feel
whenever I am with you

My beloved friend
One I can always count on
not just for support when in need
but for the honesty you display

You feel me in my time of hurt
You sip away the pain within
cause you believe in me even
when I seem to drift away

My beloved friend
You laugh with me in times of joy
but never at me in times of despair
Oh- how I pray to share all of life with you..
My beloved friend

To love someone is madness to be loved by someone is a gift, to love someone who loves you is a duty but to be loved some one whom you love is life

Lafzoon Ki Haira Pehri Main Kuch Faida Nahi
Jab Dil He Rayga Hai To Kuch Rayga Nahi
Kehnay Ko Kitni Batain Hain KaRNay K Wastay
Kuch Lafaz Ki Kami Hai Kuch Hoosla Nahi
Dayta Hai Baat Kar Kay Kuch is Tarhaan Zakham
Jaysay is Maseha Ka Koyee Chara Gar Nahi
Bettha Hai Aab Woh Mujh Say Baat KaRNay Ko...
Jab In Tamam Batoon Ka Koyee Faida Nahi

raabta kis se ta kis ka shanaasa kon ta.........................
shehr bhar tanha ta lykin mujh sa tanha kon ......................

intazar Rehta hai har Shaam Tera,
Ratein karti hain le kar Naam Tera.
Muddat se Bethey hain ye Ass le kar,
ke kab aye ga koi Peigham Tera..

Hoth keh nahi sakte jo fasana dil ka,
shayad nazron se vo baat ho jaye,
is ummid se karte hain intezar raat ka,
ke shayad sapne me mulakat ho jaye