Suppose im hypnotised for a minute. . . . .

Im under ur control, and u can ask me one question.

What will u ask?
Reply me fast.


l .*. APPY.*.
)__)��)__).*.*.*. .* * BirthDay
2 You :)

B � Be yourself
I � invite new challenges
R � Recall past achievements
T � Trust your judgments
H � Have faith in your
D � Desire only the best
A � Affirm your strengths
Y � You�ve got what it

Chand Ke Liye Sitare Anek Hai
Lekin Sitaro Ke Liye Chand Ek
Hai Aapke Liye Tow Hazaron Honge
Lekin Hamare Liye Aap Hi Ek Hai
Happy Birthday

Earth may forget rotating;
Candles may forget melting;
Birds may forget flying;
Hearts may forget beating;
But Ill never forget wishing
you on your special day.
Happy Birthday Dear!

Meri Prem kahani ka ajeeb ending tha

Wah Wah

Meri Prem kahani ka ajeeb ending tha

Izhar-e-Mohabat Sms se kiya tha,

Jo un ki Shaadi tak bhi Pending tha….!

Wah Wah