Man Sitting Wid his Wife in Park
Another Lady Comes to his Wife
& Says;
�Paise Pehly Le lena,
ye admi Baad Mai Bohat Lafra Krta Hy.

Dance Sy Inqalaab Aana Hota..
To Nargis Kab Ki Laa Chuki hOti

CONFIDENCE is when U’re at the
store & ask for 20 condoms & U
hear 2
girls behind you
giggling ….
.You turn around, look them in
the eyes
and say, “Make it 22″ !!

Do you know what does SMS really means??

SMS means

S: Sardaron ki
M: Mazak Urany ki
S: Service

Pathans changed the name of their province N.W.F.P, because

N.W.F.P. stands for

N: No
W: Woman
F: For
P: Pathans

Do you know what does HELLO mean??

HELLO stands for

H: How are you?
E: Everything is fine?
L: Like to hear from you.
L: Love to see you soon.
O: Obviously, I miss you


You will not mind it if you know what I mean from BITCH it means

B: Beautiful
I: Intelligent
T: Talented
C: Cute
H: Hilarious

I know you are smiling now