You can marry a woman for his wealth but money will perish.
You can marry a woman for his beauty but beauty will fade away .
You can marry a woman for his power but power will be gone.
But if you marry a pious righteous woman who fears Allah
she will honor you, will be affectionate with you and help
you to get closer to your ALLAH
Your love story will last forever.It will begin in this
life and will continue in the hereafter In’sha’Allah her
love for you will be your Jannah in Dunya and her satisfaction
will be your key to Jannah in Akhirah

Three great philosophies:

1. Ability can never remain hidden.
2. No injury is deeper than insult.
3. The birth of tension is the death of talent!

Hr Gumshuda Cheez Wahan Se Hi Milti Hy
Jahan Wo Khoi Ho.

Siwaye Aitbaar K...

Assalam_0_Alaeikum TaQdeer k Likhy par Kbi
Shikwa Na Kia Kr0.. Q k
iNsAan itna Aqalmand
Nahi j0 Allah Key irAdey
Samaj Sky!

Dil yai dhokha dhari krdaiga socha na tha... !
Itni yai garbari krdaiga socha na tha... !
Aisi mushkil ghari kr daiga socha na tha..

Good leaders are like baseball umpires; they go practically unnoticed when doing their jobs right.

Nice saying....
'Duniya Ke Har Maidan Mein
Haar Jeet Hoti Hai, Lekin
Akhlaaq Mein Kabhi Haar Aur
Takabbur Mein Kabhi Jeet Nahi