Sometimes my silence is just another word for my pain.

do not look back you are not going that way

I don't trust words anymore. I only trust actions. People can pretend to do a lot without being serious about it.

do not allow your loneliness to lower your standards

Good rrlation like a long chain in which every ring is attach with other and dependent if one ring is open then the all chain is break and brcome useless.

In a battle, a soldier prepared to bring his wounded friend back from the field. His Capt says, Its of No use! ur friend must b dead. But soldier still goes & brings back his friend. Seeing the dead body, Captain says I told u its of no worth. He's dead.
The soldier replies No sir, it was really of worth. When I got to him, my friend saw me, smiled & said his last words.
MAN I KNEW U'll COME. . . !

Kill the stress before it kills u.

Reach the goal before it kicks you.

Help everyone before someone helps you.

Live life b4 life leaves u.