3 Sentences For Getting SUCCESS & Peace By William

Shakespeare. 1-Know More Than Others. 2-Work More Than

Others. 3-Expect Less Than Others.

should be handled with care............
Words when
Hearts when
Are the hardest things to REPAIR

Never Conclude a Person By His/Her Present Status Because Time Has The Great Power To Change A Useless Coal Into a Valuable Diamond..

Excellent Words by Dr.Abdul SalaM,

''Dream is not that
What U See in SleeP..Dream
is The ThinG
Which Does Not
allow you to sleeP

A Bird Sitting On The Branch Of A Tree Is Not Afraid By The Shaking Branch

Because The Bird Trusts Not The Branch But Her Wings.

So Believe In Urself !

*.Quote Of The Day.* Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are not nice, but because YOU are nice.

A Beautiful Thought. Always Learn The Wisdom Of Compromise, Because Its Better To Bend A little Rather than To break Any Relation Forever. ÄLWÄY$ U B HÄPPY