A maths teachr 2 a sardar student If u hv thousad rs. in 1 pocket n 1000 rs. in another pocket den wt wil u think? Sardar:O me kithe abbay di pent te ni pa lai.

1000 pages ki book kitne din men parhi ja sakti hai? Writer: 6 month lawyer: 2 month Doctor: 1 month Prof: 1 week Student: pehle ye batao paper kub hai?

A hindu teacher teaching his studentsCOW HAMARE HINDU MAZHAB ME MAA HOTI HA Muslim Student Sir Bahir ek bail ap ki maa chod raha ha

3 Things That Should Not B Asked..

1.A Man's Salary

2.A Girl's Age..


Students %..

It Hurts

A student was asked to write a signboard fr d traffic rules near da college campus
He wrote:
Drive Carefully! Dont kill the Students,Wait for the Teachers!.