Ye Subah Hum Sab k Liye Hidayat ka NooR

Ye Subah Hum
Sub k Liye Hidayat ka NooR

La Ilaha Illa Allah
Muhammadun Rasulu Ilah.”
“There is
No God but Allah
and Muhammad
is His Messenger.”- First Kalima from
the Quran.

Hi Dear,
You are like a teddy bear,
Warm, caring
just like you!
Love you dear!

I love to be your teddy bear!
I love to hug you…
You are my teddy bear!
Happy Teddy bear day

Blessed Muharram greetings 1429 to you. May the new year furnish you with deeper faith, increase commitment for amal ibadah and taqwa towards Allah..May Allah continue to bless your family and you in all your efforts and good deeds…“Miladi Nabi mubarak ho

On Mawlid al-Nabi…
Here’s wishing that the wonderful deeds of the Prophet, Touch your life…
And inspire you to make your life more beautiful.....Miladi Nabi mubarak ho

Miladi Nabi
brings you…
the gift of happiness & blessings…
Today & always
Happy Miladi Nabi...Miladi Nabi mubarak ho