Some battles have to be fought alone,

Some paths have to be crossed alone,

So never be emotionally attached with anyone,

You never know when you have to walk alone...

Dont count your age by years.
Count them by smiles.

If you are not using your smile... then you are a person with million dollars in the bank without any Debit Card or Cheque Book!

life is a gift enjoy it love is priceless value it friendship is forever never ever break it education is a key achieve it life is a presious gift from god spend it on the commands of allah otherwise u would be punished badly for it~~~~~!!!!!

Kill the stress before it kills u.

Reach the goal before it kicks you.

Help everyone before someone helps you.

Live life b4 life leaves u.

Some IDIOTS says;
~Behind every successful man There is a woman.....
~But nobody know the

Do not let what you cannot do...
Interfere with what you can do