You Can Love Two People
At The Same Time,
At The Same Level!


Girl ...I want to end,

this relationship...

I will return you everything,
which you gave me ....

Boy ... answer Ok !!!

Lets start with LOVE....??

? ? ? ? ? ? Hå??ÿ ç?OçO?å?£ ?åÿ ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Boy: Guess what?
Girl: What ?
Boy: I saw a shooting star just now
Girl: Really?
Boy: YUP.
Girl: Did you make a wish then?
Boy: No.
Girl: Why not ?
Boy: My wish is right in front of me..?

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Gf:- Baby i seriously don't know why your ex hates me so much
Bf:- Look at the keyboard on your computer
Gf:- Why???
Bf:- Because U and I are together, and my U come above my X
Gf:- *Blushes*

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U'll find me...

If You Love Someone, Give Them The Option To Leave. . .
Never Give Them A Reason To Leave. . .!! :))