:”‘: :”‘:
: :,,,: :
: :””: :
:,,: :,,: ELLO

Have a nice day

Smile and let everyone know that today, you're a lot stronger than you were yesterday.
Good Day!

Today I pray for you:
A heart free of sadness;
A mind free of worries;
A life full of gladness;
A body free of illness;
And a spirit full of God's blessings!
Good Day Boss!!

On beggining of this Day *Good Morning*

Duniya me achy
Insan ki talash me
kabhi mat niklo
aaj kal thand bohot hy
(,) Main Ghar
_/ / _ Hon

Always See good in everyone.
Be blind to d faults of others.
It brings peace in ur life.
Things dont change,
so Just change d way U look at them..
Good Morning.

Evrything In Life Has A Beautiful Ending. If Its Not Beautiful, Then Believe Me Its Not D End, Its Just D Beginning Of Something More Beautiful. Good Morning !!