Aaj fir Pappu ne Kamaal Kar diya..
BANK me jake So Gaya..
Kyuki Usne Board Par Padha
Yaha SONE par LOAN milta Hai.

Raat main chand sitare ache
nhi lagte,

Ab dunya k nazare ache nahi

Koi aa k keh de hamari

Ammi se k

Aunty Aap ke bachay ab

Kunware ache nhi lagty

Husband asks: Do you know the meaning of WIFE? It means...
Without Information, Fighting Everytime!

WIFE says: No darling , it means :-
With Idiot For Ever

A man in Hell asked Devil:
Can I make a call to my Wife?
After making call he asked how much to pay.
Devil : Nothing, Hell to hell is Free.

HUSBAND and WIFE are like 2 tyres of a vehicle

If 1 punctures, the vehicle can't move further

always Keep a SPARE TYRE....

When a married man says- I'll think about it,

What he really means that,
He doesn't know his wife's opinion yet.. :-P

Wife:-I will die.
Husband:- I will also die.

Wife:-why will you die?
Husband:-because main itni khushi
bardasht nahin ker sakta:D