If Girl In Love
Her Parents Ask:
Who Is that Idiot?
If Boy In Love
His Parents Ask:
Idiot,Who Is that Girl?
wake up guys

A Santa saw a Beautiful Girl,
he Went and Kissed her.
Girl: “STUPID what r u doing?”
Santa: B.Com final year

Dad: What’s ur Result?
Son: I’ve failed in 5 subjects.
Dad: From now Onwards Don’t Call Me “DAD”.
Son: Oh Come On Dad! Its my School Test Not a DNA Test

Girls love is like a chocolate.
because it’s too sweet. but the taste is short time,
Caution:every chocolate has an expiry date.
But boys love is like wine,no expiry date.
it gives kick to ur body…
that’s boys love…

A notice in a factory for girl workers:
If your skirt is long,
protect yourself from machines at work.
If it is short,
protect yourself from men at work.

Laughing is the best the medicine.
if you are laughing without a reason,
you need medicine.

کچھ لوگوں سے بحث کرنے سے بدرجہا
بہتر ھے کہ بندہ ریگ مال سے اپنا منہ رگڑ لے.