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I t
I s
B e t t e r
T o
D i e
W i t h
M e m o r i e s
T h a n
T o
L i v e
W i t h
O n l y
D r e a m s ... ! ! !

(,,,/) (,,,/)
( ~,~) (= )
(,,)(,,) (,,)(,,)

Detho Titni Pyali Shubha Hai

Letin Aap Shoo Lay ho Danday

Otho Otho

DoOD Mornind.

It Feels Bad That I Cant See You This Afternoon,
I Miss You More Everyday Of My Life
And Pray To God That He Will Give Us
The Opportunity To Share A Life Time .
Have A Good Afternoon,
Lots Of Love.

I know your are busy
in you routine work,
I don�t want to disturb you,
I just want to say please
take care of you, because
It is very hot today�
Good Afternoon!

Smiles is complete When
It Begins With Your Lips,
Reflects In Your Eyes
Ends With a Glow On Your

har bar na kaha kar k tjy chor
dain gay hum
na hum itny aam hain na ye
tairay bus ki baat hay

Matlabi Bhi Hu Shayad, Ana
Parast Our Bad-Kalaam Bhi
Masomiyat Kho Gaye Ha Meri
Kisi Say Pyar Kartay Kartay..